flow for group fitness

Imagine a perfect combination of breathing, movement & music flowing as ONE

flowCODE coach COURSES for group fitness

Flow Coaches are now able to get equipped with amazing array of tools, enriching existing offer or venture out into the field of group fitness. Start with Nirvana group fitness course and enrich your flow coaching offer extending your skillset within group fitness setup or use in individual sessions.


Imagine a perfect combination of … breathing ... movement … & music flowing as one … your breathing is deep, calm & optimized, your cells are infused with extra levels of oxygen, your body is deeply immersed in powerful dynamic moves ... while beautiful music soudscapes sway you deep into the state of flow.

Become a specialized Nirvana Instructor / FlowCode Coach

Get over 160 beautiful flowing sequences with 500+ soundscapes, a complete toolbox helping you achieve perfect delivery each time around.

Nirvana classes are taking place in fitness clubs, pilates studios, yoga studios, hospitals, breathing therapy institutions, mindfulness centers, senior homes, physical therapy centers, hotels, in corporate wellness, in schools and even kindergartens all over the world.

Learn about a worldwide Nirvana Instructor Network, a fast spreading community stretching well over 40 countries and recognized by all the main authorities in fitness & wellness.


Download "Philosophy of Unity" MANIFESTO (PDF)


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