Project Unity – Short presentation

#1: Revolutionary personal & societal paradigm based on flow philosophy
#2: Unique concept category … flow culture
#3: Non-profit Project Unity concept with global exposure
#4: Turnkey solutions
#5: Total inclusivity & adaptation enabling exponential growth
#6: Addresess completely new markets in widest possible spread
#7: Highly organized & promoted flow culture with support on all levels

#1: Revolutionary personal & societal paradigm based on flow philosophy

Flow philosophy based on premise of flow state is a revolutionary facilitator of both personal and societal development as theadvanced reflection of 21st century globalized culture.

The Project Unity concept aims to deliver finalized, ready to implement means and solutions to experience more flow both on individual and group level while it finds itself on a forefront of visionaryefforts to improve and advance the human society.

The final aim is to create an Unity in diversity, a unity based paradigm thatwould create peace, harmony and unprecedented growth of human civilization. The FlowCode carefully conceived & based on mutidisciplinatory scientific approach, is designed to influence rapid & positive societal change by building trust & cooperation.Society is a sum of it’s parts and we are it’s parts. Flow starts with each individual, flow starts with each one of us. Now we havethe means to confidently boost this change in all of it’s aspects.

#2: Unique concept category … flow culture

Flow culture arises from flow philosophy and aims to influence every aspect of global culture. It’s concept is able to extend to every social group or structure (both governmental as NGO), creating a cultural basis for societal flow manifestation.

Flow culture serves the purpose of facilitating and maintaining both individual and group flow, while directly supporting the creation and maintenance of flow by influencing development of flow personality (societal backloop influence on flow personality behaviour within individual, creating social environment that facilitates flow).

Flow culture means any type of human activity that abides the laws of flow philosophy or is alligned with it’s principles. That can be anything from music, sports, art, education, corporate culture, language expression … principles of flow can be applied to just about every manifestation in the culture at hand. Starting with children.

#3: Non-profit Project Unity concept with global exposure

Project Unity is striving to bring flow culture into existence, meaning basis of flow principles and large part of it’s concept is shared to general public within various levels and channels possible through implementations into education curriculums & other public systems and services in order to facilitate the culture of flow. It serves as a paradigm for personal and societal operation. The non-profit incorporation of Project Unity brings possibility of funding through both governmental and private funds internationally (within the context of humanity’s advancement). Project Unity includes a whole spectrum of charity and public work, bringing communities into more cohesive, cooperative, meaningful and unified existence through the culture of flow.

#4: Turnkey solutions

Each application created or adapted to principles of flow is in a form of complete ready to use sets of interventions, employed either by individuals or groups in all possible applications & channels. This enables flow culture to be seamlessly woven into every fabric of society.

#5: Total inclusivity & adaptation enabling exponential growth

Flow philosophy strives for inclusion of all possible partners that promote flow with different levels of engagement. Partners can participate company wise and enjoy shared funding and promotion under unified overarching concept or just use the flow concept alignment and borrow flow memeplex in creation of their products (trickle down into culture as a whole).

#6: Complete societal integration

Applications have a maximum possible target group range, since they cover the complete spectrum of activities. Flow state concept has so far been applied to sport & corporate market and some other markets in private sector, while Project Unity strives for complete societal implementation of flow paradigm through diverse range of products, including creation of it’s own Unity cryptocurrency.

#7: Highly organized & promoted flow Culture with support on all levels

Project unity acts as a support, funding an overall societal promotion of flow philosophy. One of the most important tasks is funding development and product placement, while creating a worldwide campaign of flow philosophy integration into every branch of society. Flow culture partners receive full support in marketing including website, videos, brochures, flyers, presentations etc to meet the needs of final user group.






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