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Create more flow & foster greater creativity as a teacher in public education

flowcoach modules for education

Project aims to educate flow/unity concept to teachers involved in the public and private education. By adding short flow programs to school curriculum, teachers are able to foster faster and more effective learning and facilitate curiosity and amazement within any school subject. Simple application of the FlowCode principles will make your teaching as well as your students flow.

flow for kindergarten

Become a Kindergarten FlowCoDE Coach

Playfulness is at the heart of every human being, and physical activity is necessary to maintain our life functionsin optimum balance. Starting with children, we will search for the playful child in each and every one. Our playful vision is that playfullness is a lifestyle, that correspond to the human needs for safety, creativity, love and peace.

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flow for schools

Become a School FlowCODE Coach

Flow school modality is divided into three segments, 1st, 2nd and 3rd triade- In this way we bring appropriate flow interventions closer to the age and needs of pupils. It includes complete program of implementation into standard education curricullums with effective flow interventions supported with videos, descriptions, textbook and guidelines.

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flow for pe teachers

Become a PE Teacher FlowCODE COACH

One of the most important contributors to the development of flow culture are physical education teachers, since flow state and its values can be most effectively transfered through physical activities and framework of game/play. Flow modality for physical education teachers is taught as an ongoing learning with assigned accreditation points and it includes basic education and specific module that explains and gives complete support for effective implementation into any type of content within the PE curricullum.

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