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With the prevalence of Covid-19, many of us turn back to the drawing board to figure out how to eradicate this virus from our system and environment. While ensuring it doesn’t come into our body is the wisest move, some of us are not fortunate enough to have this luxury.

This reality can leave us filled with anxiety, loneliness, worries, stress, and bad choices that can weaken the one thing we need to overcome this virus – our immune system. Managing our emotions is important during a viral pandemic. Our immune system is the barrier, the soldier, and enforcer between us and any disease.

These interconnected systems in our body have kept us alive from one generation to another, facing different challenges that came our way. However, just like any other organ or system in our body, some factors can affect them, and this time, it isn’t just our choice in medicine, food, and drinks.

According to several studies, when we settle into fear, anxiety, grief, or encourage stress in our life, we impair the ability of our immune system to fend off diseases. That’s because our emotions cause our brain to carry out some actions that, in return, reduce the ability of our immune system to function.

As we work too much to get things coordinated in the family during this time, from ensuring that the kids always have their face mask on, the meals for the day are ready as of when due, to carrying out our responsibilities in the office effectively from home, we subconsciously pile up more than we can handle and that increases our stress level.

This only worsens whenever our mind is free to roam as it often narrows down on the negatives of the now, future, and past, leaving us with more worries than we can handle.

All these feelings and states lead the brain to release higher levels of cortisol, a hormone which is responsible for increasing glucose in our bloodstream, suppressing our digestive system, altering our mood and immune system responses, hence, leaving us prone to severe infection and diseases like covid-19.


With such understanding, it is glaring clear that this time, more than ever, we need to allow all our worries and negative emotions to fizzle out as we adopt the flow lifestyle. This is the perfect time to perfect our flow state and anchoring. The time to live in the moment, doing our best each second of the day, and allowing the worries of tomorrow worry over themselves.

But all these are easier said than done. With the news hammering us with loads of saddening events, supplies diminishing, or the need to take our kids or self out for medical check-up worsens, we are bound to lose our way or find it hard to remain in the zone.

But let’s take a deep breath and refuse ourselves to remain tied in the claws of frustration and panic. Not doing that only means we can’t do our best to keep ourselves and family safe all through these critical moments of our lives.

Instead, let’s rise and embrace our flow lifestyle, learning the right triggers to liberate ourselves from these negative emotions through the FlowHub 7 flow triggers.

With these triggers, we will surely learn the right breathing pattern, meditation, affirmation, and mindset to adorn ourselves in order to strengthen our immune system, remain positive, and at the top of our performance on every front. Just what we all need at this moment to rise above this situation.






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