Call to Unity – We are all one

Albert Einstein once said “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on and do nothing.”

I will not look on and do nothing. We are all one. We are all connected. It’s all our responsibility to make the world a better place. We can make a change.

Look, we’re out here on a mission. Just trying to make a change. ‘Cause if we look on and do nothing, then who really is to blame? We refuse to NOT speak up for those who have no voice. Instead we’re taking action that’ll really make some noise. It’s all about the love. It’s all about compassion. Spreading positivity. We encourage you to match it. And please make no mistake. We’re all one. We all have one heart. Beating to the same drum.

How many casualties? How much pain? How many tears? Are we still this insane? Let’s stop fighting. Let’s stop wars. Let’s stop killing. It’s not worth it anymore. But together we can change. Together we’re powerful. Together we can make the shift. Just chose to be honorable. All we gotta do is spread the word and make them aware. Feed their mind with knowledge to make them prepared. humanity driven activism. That’ll show that you care.

Project Unity that is built upon a premise of the latest interdisciplinary scientific cognitive research of flow state as an optimal state of perception, self improvement and transcendence.

The Unity concept is based on idea that values and morality must be based on an agreeable common denominator, meaning values need to have physiological and psychological anchor (bioethics) in order for the whole to have a meaningful coherence and a pointing vector of effort. ​

“Project Unity” frames the concept of flow within the context of Unity and describes how an unsuspected unified physio-psychological anchor can become a basic facilitator for a paradigm change on a global level. From flow to unity The flow state is used in the creation of the most desirable “reality tunnel” that merges individual with collective, creating a common bio-ethical ground for expression of true unity in diversity for the whole human race and promote it in highly organized & structural fashion.

Our mission spawned from an idea of recognizing the unifying concept of the flow state in many ancient traditions, philosophies and core worldviews of self actualized individuals, supported by the research in quantum mechanics and latest discoveries in neuroscience.

We finally have been able to discover the inner workings and triggers to re-frame every individual to feel purpose, meaning and happiness. And that can happen only if you are in the flow.

Flow paradigm is a vector that points to unity Project Unity is striving to bring flow culture into existence as flow principles are shared to general public within various levels and channels possible through implementations into education curriculum & other public & private systems and services in order to facilitate the culture of flow.

The final aim is to create a true “Unity in diversity” … a unity based worldview paradigm that would create peace, harmony and unprecedented growth of human civilization.
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